Staff Competence and Development of Leadership

During 2013, Digia paid particular attention to developing management and leadership work.

A competent and highly motivated personnel is the basis for Digia’s success. Good leadership has a direct effect on staff motivation and, consequently, the whole organisation’s productivity. The Digia Leadership Academy was started up in spring 2013 to bolster the development of management and leadership efforts. As its training partner and coach, Digia chose Aalto Executive Education. The key themes in the training include smooth management team operations, leadership skills in strategy implementation, and customer-driven operations and how to manage them. Supervisors and project managers were also offered facilitation training to help them engage personnel and adopt new business models together. The management and leadership project at the Digia Leadership Academy will continue in 2014.

Similarly, the Digia Learning Academy was established in 2013 to support staff competence development. The aim of the academy is to anticipate strategic training needs, and to offer modules that support employees’ strategic competence development according to plan. The Learning Academy also increases competence and knowledge sharing and promotes a culture of doing things together.


Organisation 2.0 research project

Digia’s finance sector business unit is taking part in the Organisation 2.0 research project. Initiated by JAMK University of Applied Sciences in late 2013, the project aims to improve the quality of the workplace. The project relates to examining and developing new ways of improving productivity and increasing the meaningfulness of work. Included under the Working Life 2020 initiative of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, besides JAMK, the project involves seven companies, Lappeenranta University of Technology and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The project will conclude at the end of 2015.


Incentives to support the fulfilment of targets and a positive Digia spirit

In 2013, Digia launched the new Digia Awards incentive scheme for all personnel, which rewards people for work well done, a positive can-do attitude, and exemplary actions. The candidates for the awards are nominated by the personnel themselves. The awards are given out on a quarterly basis and consist of varying sums of money at the individual, team and project levels.