Predictive Work Ability Management and Occupational Well-Being

Focus on ensuring coping ability, healthy lifestyles, proper health care and a good work/life balance.

Digia’s work ability management centres around predictive action and comprehensive occupational welfare. The emphasis on well-being is reflected in many ways in the workplace. High-quality leadership is an important aspect of occupational well-being, and it was an area of particular attention in 2013. Healthy lifestyles and exercise among staff are supported through various clubs and fitness and culture vouchers, among other things. Digia makes available a very comprehensive occupational health care package that also covers specialist health care.

Digia’s personnel take active part in diverse fitness campaigns; one that stands out from 2013 was the HeiaHeia! campaign, which encouraged staff to engage in diverse forms of exercise. The mileage thus covered fuelled a joint virtual trip around the world. Digia took the lead among company teams and produced exemplary results by circling the Earth faster than the targeted time and continuing on its journey all the way to the Moon.

During 2013, Digia also organised well-being events in collaboration with Smartum, Varma and local wellness entrepreneurs. These fairs included opportunities for measuring one’s blood pressure, body composition and lung capacity, among other things.


Responsible workplace

Digia strives to identify any issues that negatively affect work ability at an early stage and to take corrective measures in line with the Good Work Ability model. The model incorporates two related aspects: early intervention in work ability problems, and management of sickness absences.


Balancing life and work

Maintaining a good work/life balance is important. Digia wants to support its employees through diverse situations in life by offering flexible work terms. For example, overtime is not encouraged at Digia. Employees with families receive assistance in looking after sick children. Other ways of fostering the ability to cope with work include encouraging a positive spirit, promoting team work and sharing information.