Group Management Team

Juha Varelius

Juha Varelius, b. 1963, MBA

Digia's President and CEO as from the beginning of 2008. Reporting to the Board of Directors, Varelius is responsible for the company's operative business. Previously, he has served as the President and CEO of the technology company Everypoint Inc of Boston (2006-2007). He has also held managerial positions at Yahoo! and Everypoint in London (2002-2006). Before this, he has served in various managerial positions at Sonera (1993-2002), acting as Managing Director of Sonera Zed and a member of the Sonera Management Team.

Tuula Haataja

Tuula Haataja, b. 1964 M.Sc. (Econ.)

Chief Financial Officer, Management Team member since 2013. Responsible for the company's finances and governance. Prior to Digia, Tuula Haataja was employed by YIT as a CFO for Construction Services Finland, YIT Building Services segment and YIT Primatel (2002-2013) and by Sonera in various financial management roles (1995-2002). When she worked as an Auditor for PWC (1991-1995), her main areas of responsibility were in Finland, Russia and Baltic countries.

Tommi Laitinen

Tommi Laitinen, b. 1968, vocational qualification in Business and Administration

Senior Vice President, International Products, Management Team member since 2005. Previously, he has served at Digia as SVP of Competence organisation (2009-2010), SVP of Telecommunication division (2007-2008) and SVP in charge of the company's strategy and development (2005-2007). His previous positions at Digia Inc. included Vice President, Engineering (2002-2004); Director, Quality and Processes (2001-2002); and Business Unit Manager (1999-2000). Prior to that (1991-1999), he was in charge of various project and product management duties and software development duties.

Juha Leppänen

Juha Leppänen, b. 1973, B.Sc. (Admin.)

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Management Team member since 2013. Responsible for the company's sales, key accounts, marketing and partnerships. Prior to Digia, Juha Leppänen was employed by CGI, where he was responsible for software and consulting business sales in Finland, offering development and strategic work for software business in the private sector (2011-2013). At AIMS Finland, Leppänen was a Partner and Member of the Management Team, being responsible for mentoring programs, processes and ICT. He also acted as a Recruitment Consultant for top management (2008-2010). Moreover, Leppänen has acted in leadership positions for e.g. electronic commerce at CGI and other companies (1999-2008).

Tom Puusola

Tom Puusola, b. 1967, upper secondary school graduate in Technical Science

Senior Vice President, Integration & Analytics, Management Team member since 2012. Previously Head of Business Development (2010-2013) and Vice President, Integration Business Unit (2009). Held managerial positions in Integration business, strategic customerships and development at the Digia Industry & Trade Division (2006-2008), Sentera Plc (2003-2006), Iocore Plc (2000-2003) and Open Solutions Group (1998-2000). Before this, Puusola worked for TEK Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland in publications and internet (1992-1998) and for VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in software development (1989-1992). Computer science studies at the Helsinki University of Technology.

Kimmo Vainikainen

Kimmo Vainikainen, b. 1973, Engineer

Senior Vice President, Solutions and Services business, Management Team member since 2012. Previously he has served as Director of Project Management Office (2011), Director of several competence and process development duties (2007-2011), Business Unit Director (2005-2006) and as Project Manager and Consultant (2000-2004). Before Digia, Vainikainen worked in software development tasks for intensive and anaesthetic care at Datex Ohmeda / Clinisoft Plc since 1998.