Growth from International Products

Enabling international growth and investing in product business are two of Digia’s strategic objectives and areas of focus. These decisions are based on market trends and a strong belief in Digia’s own Qt technology.

Digia’s investments in international business have focused around the Qt interface and software development environment, which is owned and developed by the company. Qt is a software developers’ tool that allows for efficient, operating system-independent development of programs. The same source code can easily be adapted to work on Windows, Mac or Linux workstations, as well as today’s popular iOS and Android operating systems.


Advent of new applications

The market for the production and sale of Qt software development tools can roughly be divided into three separate segments: desktop software, embedded software and mobile applications. Digia’s customers are companies that develop their own applications in these segments. Digia’s Qt environment is highly competitive in all these segments. A large part of our business is still related to the development of desktop applications, but embedded systems are experiencing strong growth. Mobile applications are a new market for Qt, and how it progresses will become clear in the next few years.

The main trend behind the growth of Qt is the spreading of touchscreen applications across an ever greater number of sectors. Touchscreens are used more and more in industries such as automotive, telecommunications, home entertainment and consumer electronics, as well as the main driver behind all of these – the mobile phone industry. With several operating systems in use at the same time, application developers are looking for solutions that allow them to use their programming code in all the major platforms. This is a competitive advantage not only because it provides access to a wider market, but also because it enhances efficiency thanks to its speed and lower expertise requirements.


Digia invests in its Qt network

Global success requires competence and a widespread presence in the most important markets. Digia has been expanding its sales and development network to cover the major markets:
• Europe: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Russia
• Asia: China, Japan (distributor)
• North America: USA

The goal for 2014 is to continue expending the sales network, especially in emerging markets. In the future, Digia will also focus even more on developing a network of distributors and an online business.


Great market potential

Great opportunities lie in the area of international software products, although of course large-scale investments are needed. Digia’s international business has been growing at a good rate in the last few years. This indicates that prior investments have been in the right direction. Digia will continue its emphasis on international growth in 2014.