Added Value in a Challenging Market

Digia’s strengths in Finland are based on good customer understanding, which leads to the ability to offer customers IT services that give them competitive edge.

The IT market grew slowly in Finland in 2013. Caution arising from the global economic situation lengthened customers’ decision-making processes and delayed the start of new projects. There was good demand on the market for ERP systems and integration services, but at the same time competition in these areas was tough.


Close to customers’ everyday business

Ability to act fast and make decisions that benefit the customer’s everyday business are Digia’s strengths. Increasing price competition means that service innovations are needed, as well as a strong ability to productize services. Because our people work closely with our customers, they are well set to do this.

Digia’s solid international partnerships, market knowledge and efforts in developing products in specific chosen areas allow us to offer an optimal mix that responds to market demand and competition.


Cross-sector expertise

Operators especially in the retail and services sectors are subjected to continuous development pressure due to escalating competition and swift alterations in consumer behaviour. The manufacturing industry is increasingly transforming into a service provider and functions are being digitized everywhere. This is changing our customers’ earnings logic, as well as the competence needs demanded of personnel.

End users demand a multichannel approach and user-friendly services, and this is happening right across the board. Digia’s in-depth cross-sector expertise makes it possible for our customers to make use of best practices and take new service innovations into use in this consumerizing environment.