Sharpening Focus in Finland, Qt Growth Abroad

In Finland, Digia helps its customers in developing services, steering operations and utilizing information. Internationally, the company is growing through its Qt business.

In 2013, Digia sharpened its portfolio in Finland to ensure it meets customers’ business needs even better than before. The Russian business was discontinued, while Swedish operations were brought more closely under Finnish management.

The integration business developed favourably and continued to grow. Digia increased its capacity in this business area, and emphasised training. Demand for ERP systems was good in 2013, although it fluctuated depending on the sector. The market circumstances still caused caution in customers’ purchasing behaviour, and sales cycles were consequently long.


Continued growth in the product business

In 2013, Digia’s goal was to continue growing its scalable product business. The company did well in meeting this objective, as the share of the product business out of Digia’s consolidated net sales continued to rise. In the reporting period, the product business accounted for EUR 41.0 (36.5) million or 41.1 (36.4) per cent of consolidated net sales.


Internationalisation through Qt

Digia’s international Qt business' like-for-like net sales grew 25% during 2013. Further investments into Qt product development and sales network detracted from profitability, but demand and bid volumes were good. Sales were particularly good in the USA, Germany and China, where the sales organisation was bolstered further.