Competitive Edge from Service Development

Improving the customer experience begins with understanding the customer’s practices and changes in the business environment.

During 2013, Digia made extensive efforts to develop and streamline its offering. Digia wants to offer consulting, multichannel services and service management tools that enhance the customer’s competitive edge.


Traditional business models are changing

Digitization has inescapably changed our daily lives and many traditional business models are changing. The aim of service development is to improve the customer experience, and therefore efforts are founded on an in-depth understanding of the customer’s practices and business environment. By forecasting consumer behaviour and anticipating trends, it is possible to develop innovative earnings principles.

When generating new multichannel services and supporting business models that give true competitive edge, it is also important to understand and determine the effects of the changes on a company’s existing processes, models and IT architectures.

Digia helps its customers to identify core customer groups and their changing behaviours. With this knowledge in hand it is possible to develop services directed, for example, at different points in the buying process. The customer’s service portfolio, whether it consists of consumer services, internal services or something else, can also be managed with Digia’s solutions.


Use of data in service development

As business processes become digitized, more and more data is available. Harnessed to decision-making needs, this data allows opportunities for understanding customers’ behaviour, channels and purchase processes and therefore allows for even better services to be developed.


Emphasis on personalization and interactiveness

The ability to personalize content according to the end user’s behaviour and wishes is more and more important in e-services. Enhancing customer understanding and managing feedback will in future be even more important aspects of Digia’s customers’ product and service development. It is crucial to have well-functioning channels for interacting with stakeholders, as well as the ability to analyse feedback. Continuous learning will gain even greater significance in the workplace, which creates needs for electronic learning environments intended for personnel.


Effective service management

Service digitization, outsourcing and multi-supplier environments often mean that service process ownership becomes fragmented and dispersed, which clouds the true efficiency and costs of the processes. Digia’s service management solutions offer effective ways of leading services and measuring costs.