Steering Operations to Improve Performance

IT solutions enable the steering of operations in ways that improve performance and produce seamless customer experiences. They also support the development of new customer-driven business models.

Digia’s customers have a need to offer their clients products and services that enhance the customer experience. This demands in-depth customer understanding from them and from their IT partners. Additionally, they are usually looking to increase their own performance level and cost efficiency.

Digia’s solutions for steering operations ensure operational reliability and a seamless customer experience. These solutions must support all levels of the multichannel service chain and improve operational performance. It may no longer be enough to increase the efficiency of existing processes in order to improve competitiveness; instead, there has to be a readiness to adopt new models of business, production and human resources management, among others. If a company wants to have the ability to adapt to future needs, its IT systems must be built in a flexible way.


Good demand in 2013

Digia has long-standing experience in the field of steering operations with IT solutions. Customers seek comprehensive solutions that are quick to implement. Digia’s portfolio covers numerous operational and production management verticals, investment and asset management, NGO operations, and, as a new addition, solutions for workforce management and optimization. The selection is composed of Digia’s own software products combined with solutions built upon third-party products.

Demand in this field remained at a good level in 2013, even though the uncertain economic climate delayed some customers’ decision-making.


Future prospects

Strong trends in steering operations with IT are ever greater demand for cloud services and the growing ubiquity of mobile applications. Cloud services are already common in sales and CRM functions, and they are growing in ERP and workforce management. Digia has taken these trends into account in its action planning.