Utilizing Information Brings Agility and Support into Management

Continuous, quick changes in customers’ business environments are creating a strong demand for Digia’s integration and analytics services.

Having the right data in the hands of the right people at the right time supports swift strategic decision-making and allows for both reaction and proactive anticipation. Proper information logistics brings out things that were previously lost in floods of data.

Integration services were Digia’s fastest-growing business within Finland in 2013, and customer satisfaction was high in this segment. Advancing analytics services are a natural addition in this portfolio.


Customer understanding and new service models

Digia is seeing an increasing emphasis among its customers on networked business processes and the time- and place-independent utilization of real-time data as a support for decision-making. Rapidly growing quantities of data combined with advanced integration and analytics solutions create ever greater opportunities for recognising the causes behind phenomena and reacting to the rapid changes in the environment.

Digia’s strong customer understanding, proficiency and experience as a provider of integration solutions, coupled with its productized service centre model and comprehensive analytics tools, form a solid basis for business growth.


Future prospects

Customer interest in buying complete solutions rather than individual system deliveries is growing sharply. Other major trends in information logistics include collaborative management systems, expanding situation reports and reviews to encompass predictions and forecasts for the future, user-driven analytics, device-independent mobile use of applications, day-to-day use of simple analyses, and the cross-analysis of extensive and multiform masses of data drawn from various sources (Big Data).