Building a Strong Digia Together

Digia has undergone significant changes in the last couple of years. We have worked hard to build success based on our strengths. Our operations rest on solid foundations and we have the will and ability to further develop our business. These development efforts are continuously ongoing.

The Finnish IT market has experienced slow growth in recent times. At the same time, consumerization and rapid technological development are constantly transforming our customers' business environments. This change entails both a challenge and an opportunity: IT purchasing practices also evolve. IT service providers need to be able to adapt and innovate in order to be able to offer true advantage and partnership in the changing business environment.

The widespread uncertainty in the macroeconomy is reflected in our clientele to some extent, manifesting itself for instance as lengthened decision-making processes and cost pressures on purchases. On the other hand, many customers seek solutions to these same challenges – increased cost-efficiency and productivity – from IT solutions. IT can also be used to create innovative business models that generate competitive advantages.


Year 2013 at home and abroad

In 2013, we continued to execute our strategy systematically both at home and abroad. The business environments, growth potential and business models are different in our domestic business and in our international Qt software business.

In our Finnish operations we focused on sharpening our offering and genuinely being there for our customers’ everyday needs in order to offer solutions that have a significant positive impact on the Finnish society. In spring 2013 we asked our customers what qualities they most appreciate in their IT partnerships. Three responses stood out above the others: ability, customer understanding and keeping promises. These things may seem obvious, but closer examination shows that the IT sector still has a lot to learn in this respect. We take these customer wishes for the whole IT sector seriously.

Abroad, we focused on our solidly advancing Qt business by strengthening the sales network and investing in product development. These efforts are temporarily affecting cost structures and profitability, but they are an investment for the future. We have strong faith in Qt technology and its success. 

Progress through cooperation

Ability, cooperation and a strong will to create everyday success will continue to drive us at Digia in 2014. I want to extend warm thanks to our personnel for their efforts towards our common goals, and to our owners for the trust they have shown in Digia’s business. Particularly great thanks are due to our customers, whose valuations, goals and feedback will continue to guide our business also this year.

Juha Varelius